Sep 272011
Dueling emails: 500px and Fotomoto part ways, and entertain in the process

Yesterday, I received a curious set of emails, sent within an hour of each other.  The first was from, a photo sharing site well-known for it’s clean design and high caliber of photography.  A relative newcomer to the photo-sharing scene, it’s garnered high marks and a cult following from photographers and photography enthusiasts.  (In […]

Mar 042011
Penguins I have known: Half Moon Island, Cuverville, and Neko Harbour

Finally, Antarctica proper. Time for penguins! Our first landfall in Antarctica was at Half Moon Island, a crescent-shaped, rocky island with chinstrap penguin colonies and a small Argentinian research station.  (Technically Half Moon Island is part of the South Shetland Islands, not the Antarctic Peninsula, but there was ice and there were penguins, so I’m […]

Feb 152011
The Drake Passage: It's Not so Bad Until It is

Most people who visit Antarctica get there by boat, and the shortest route to Antarctica by boat is across the Drake Passage. For those of you who don’t remember your grade school history and geography lessons, the Drake Passage is the treacherous stretch of ocean between the southern tip of South America (at Cape Horn) […]

Jan 102010
Sunday in Venice

(Cell phone shot on Venice Beach) This afternoon, I went for a ride on the Venice boardwalk.  The light was beautiful, and there was an electric energy in the crowds packing the sidewalks.  I kicked myself for not bringing my camera.  I wrote the following as soon as I got home – to capture the […]

Nov 152009
Brush with a Tsunami (Tonga)

BEFORE: AFTER: Thanks to Claire Stucklen for these iPhone photos! She’s a fabulous masseuse, who was visiting Sandy Beach from the Four Seasons Resort Wailea, Hawaii. On the 29th of September, around 6:50 in the morning, I was out early on the beach hunting for shells.  I didn’t even notice the mild shaking, which others […]