Oct 222010
Bringing the Outside In

California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco It’s been raining a lot lately.  This is good for our reservoirs, but not good for my weekend plans. All this time spent indoors, reading good books and drinking hot tea, reminds me of the winters that I spent in New York City.  Without the means or the time […]

Sep 112010
In the Event of an Emergency . . . DO NOT Head for the Hills!: Foraging for Wild Food in Los Angeles

Farmer’s cheese with California peppercorns and foraged lambsquarter (a plant, not a lamb) A few weeks ago, I took part in a foraging and cheese-making course taught by Pascal, a survival and wild foods expert in the Los Angeles area.  Pascal teaches a wide variety of wild food and outdoor skills courses, which he lists […]

Jun 272010
More Crag Dog Tips: Stay Off that Crashpad

Toki and I show you what not to do (T. Kornylak) Our puppy, Toki, is currently attending Puppy Kindergarten.  Like the other new puppy parents, we have a lot of the usual questions about potty training, jumping, and chewing.  But we also want to know – what’s the best way to keep your dog off […]

Aug 122008
Our daily bread

Whole Foods is opening in Venice on September 3! I have mixed emotions about the opening in my neighborhood of one of my favorite stores. I have a love-hate relationship with Whole Foods. (On one hand, I love to browse the aisles, and find the experience strangely soothing. In fact, the food writer Michael Pollan […]