May 262011
Packing in the Fun: Bishop Mule Days in the Eastern Sierras

Every year, on Memorial Day weekend, a great mob of mules and their packers, riders and trainers converge on the small town of Bishop, California, in the Eastern Sierras for an event called Mule Days.  For us, the Mule Days celebration and Memorial Weekend marks the end of our bouldering season – it’s time to […]

Apr 302010
Grunion Run 2010

  The Venice Oceanarium is organizing a Grunion party tonight at 11 pm at the Venice Breakwater (head to the end of Windward Avenue).  Grunions are sardine-sized fish found only off the coast of California and Baja California.  During grunion season, which peaks from March – June, grunions arrive at beaches en masse, 2 to […]

Nov 152009
Brush with a Tsunami (Tonga)

BEFORE: AFTER: Thanks to Claire Stucklen for these iPhone photos! She’s a fabulous masseuse, who was visiting Sandy Beach from the Four Seasons Resort Wailea, Hawaii. On the 29th of September, around 6:50 in the morning, I was out early on the beach hunting for shells.  I didn’t even notice the mild shaking, which others […]

Mar 252009
Where I’m from, we call them “dry land fish”

Earlier this year, I sprained my ankle. Recovery took more than two months, and is still progressing. Because I wasn’t able to climb, hike, or do much more than walk, I had a lot of time on my hands. I took the opportunity to explore some activities and places that I normally wouldn’t visit. One […]