Oct 072014
My first cover

At the end of last year, I received an email from the editor at Hawthorn Publications. She was publishing a story about underwater coral restoration in Opal, an annual travel and lifestyle magazine distributed through 17 resorts, reaching 650,000 guests along the Atlantic coast. According to the publishers, Opal magazine is dedicated to showcasing the very best […]

Sep 272011
Dueling emails: 500px and Fotomoto part ways, and entertain in the process

Yesterday, I received a curious set of emails, sent within an hour of each other.  The first was from 500px.com, a photo sharing site well-known for it’s clean design and high caliber of photography.  A relative newcomer to the photo-sharing scene, it’s garnered high marks and a cult following from photographers and photography enthusiasts.  (In […]

Jul 072011
Weekend Wilderness: Escape to Horseshoe Meadow

Sometimes the inertia of getting out of the city is too much to overcome – especially when we’re talking about a long holiday weekend like the Fourth of July.  My three main barriers to outdoor enjoyment seem to be logistics, the heat, and the crowds that commute en masse from the Los Angeles area to […]