Sep 072011
A Fine Line: A Visual Meditation on the Bouldering Life

Promo shots from the new film: A Fine Line.  All photos by Andrew Kornylak. A climbing friend once told me about a beautiful, rectangular rock perched on the edge of a rubble strewn slope near the rim of the Owen’s River Gorge. The location was off of the typical Bishop bouldering circuit, in an area […]

Sep 272010
Napping, and Climbing at Black Mountain

Jeff working BuzzSaw (V9) September is here, and it’s prime time for bouldering at Black Mountain, a granite playground located at over 7,000 feet near Idyllwild, California.  Usually at this time of year, the temperatures are warm, but not too warm, and the blackflies have dissipated.  Some of the more visited areas at Black Mountain […]

Jun 272010
More Crag Dog Tips: Stay Off that Crashpad

Toki and I show you what not to do (T. Kornylak) Our puppy, Toki, is currently attending Puppy Kindergarten.  Like the other new puppy parents, we have a lot of the usual questions about potty training, jumping, and chewing.  But we also want to know – what’s the best way to keep your dog off […]

Jun 212010
Crag Dogs

About a month ago, Josh and I brought home an adorable pound puppy we named “Santoki” – or “mountain bunny” – after a chestnut-gathering bunny in a famous Korean children’s song. awww, baby bunny I’m a dog lover, so I’ve always had a soft spot for dogs at the crag.  I’ve climbed with awesome crag […]

Jun 152010
After the Burn: Bouldering at the Brickyard in Santa Barbara

Earlier this spring, a group of us decided to take a bouldering day trip to Santa Barbara. We arrived at our destination, Lizard’s Mouth, only to find it socked in by a cold marine layer of fog. After some painfully cold “warmup” traverses at the Lizard’s Mouth, we bailed. But on the way out we […]

Apr 012010

“Beta”: (noun) A word originally derived from the word “Betamax” (an old video format) referring to information describing a climb. One online dictionary of “fringe English” describes “beta” as “a verbal videotape” of how to execute a particular climb. Christina and Christine consult their “beta books” (The Sad Boulders, Bishop, CA) Most often, the term […]

Mar 062010
Rediscovering Joshua Tree

Rainy days are good for catching up on blogging.  Lately I’ve been making a bigger effort to get OUTSIDE.  In my opinion, Los Angeles is one of the best cities for the outdoor rock climber.  It’s within striking distance of sport, trad and bouldering, and offers anything from granite to sandstone to volcanic tuff, and […]

Jan 202010
Way Lake Detour

The day after Halloween, we headed up to Mammoth to check out a new (for us) bouldering area called Way Lake. It’s a warm weather spot, located at 9,000 ft. From the parking lot, we hiked uphill along an icy stream before taking a “short cut” off-trail up an extremely steep slope. Lacking a guide, […]

Mar 122009

Climbing is more than just getting on some rock and pulling hard. This video pretty much captures it for me. Friends, goofing around, climbing … or just celebrating a great day outside. A Day in the Open from Andrew Kornylak on Vimeo. (This video was shot using a technique the photographer (Andrew Kornylak) calls “stillmotion”, […]