About The Weekender Blog

We are more than our work week.

The Weekender Blog is about what happens after we’ve put down our pens–when we’ve answered our emails, and paid the bills. It’s about the time in between everything else–the literal or proverbial weekend. It’s about recognizing that Adventure doesn’t have to be a full time pursuit, and that everyone can create their own unique experiences in an hour or a day. It’s about exploring the world with an eye for adventure, the unusual and the unknown. It’s also about not letting “your life” get in the way of living it.

I hope that you’ll find these pages informative, and more importantly, inspirational. Please leave comments and visit often!

About Christine

Christine Kornylak is a writer, climber and honey connoisseur living in Southern California. Besides avidly pursuing her weekend adventures, she enjoys deciphering the techniques of underwater photography and checking out what’s fresh at her local farmer’s market. When she’s not adventuring or blogging, Christine can be found writing children’s picture books and practicing law.

You can visit Christine’s blog on children’s literature, Letters in the Night Sky, plus the archives of two additional blogs, Kid Pepper and The Daily Toki, in the top menu of this website.

Unless otherwise indicated, all photos and writing are by Christine.