Oct 272010
It’s not that I’ve been in a slump, but it’s good to get a little inspirational jolt from time to time.  Last night, I attended a screening at Adventure 16 of 180° South, a film about Jeff Johnson’s Patagonian journey, inspired by the 1968 epic adventure of Patagonia and North Face founders, Yvon Choinard and Doug Tompkins.  Check out the trailer here. 

As a pure adventure story, it’s got a little something for everyone: virgin surf, Patagonian cowboys, long-haul sailing, bushwhacking through impenetrable thickets, crampon travel on snow and ice, climbing on rotten rock, camping under the stars . . . But the movie isn’t just about the action — although there’s plenty of it — it’s about the internal journey, and about the ways that this kind of epic adventure, with all of its mishaps and unexpected turns, can change a person.  The beautiful imagery and inspirational story reminded me that there’s still plenty of discovery left in the world.  Even if it’s the personal discoveries that we make about ourselves.  Catch the film as it tours the country (the film is also available on your Netflix instant streaming queue).

Hot on the heels of watching 180° South, I caught the short movie, The Dark Side of the Lens, a mesmerizing poem of words an images about one man’s quest to translate what he sees and feels in the waves off Ireland’s coast, “to do something worth remembering, with a photograph . . . or a scar.”  Watch this testament to one man’s passion.

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  1. oh this looks amazing, thanks for sharing!

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