May 082010

In April we attended a fantastic destination wedding in the Dominican Republic.  The gorgeous wedding was held at Casa Kimball, a villa overlooking the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean.  While we were there, we stayed in Cabarete, a town on the north coast known as one of the best kitesurfing and kiteboarding locations in the world.  All up and down the beach, certified kitesurfing and kiteboarding schools offer lessons for the beginner.  It definitely takes a series of lessons to get into the water, so it’s the kind of place to come for a week and learn over several days.  But lessons and accommodations are relatively inexpensive, and it’s a convenient flight from the east coast.

While we were there, we took an amazing cascading trip with Iguana Mama, the company you want to use for any of your local adventurous outings.  I was impressed with the quality of their equipment and guides and the choice of tours that they offered.  After a long trip cascading in what were very high rapids (due to unseasonal rainstorms), we refueled at one of the best restaurants in the area, the charming Blue Moon Restaurant, which serves homemade Dominican-Indian food. In the evenings, we tended to regroup at a lounge and restaurant named, ironically, LAX.  If you ever make it there, try the Banana Mama, a type of banana pina colada.  (From a previous post, you should know I’m crazy for coconuts.)  My only regret from the trip is that we never made it to the Cabarete Coffee Company, a local surfer joint that offers local shade-grown coffee and raw cocoa.

Check out the video of our ridiculously fun cascading trip to Ciguapa falls.  I’ve been on the trail of the Goonies in Astoria, Oregon, but this is the real thing.

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  1. I think we're good enough!

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