Mar 062010

Rainy days are good for catching up on blogging.  Lately I’ve been making a bigger effort to get OUTSIDE.  In my opinion, Los Angeles is one of the best cities for the outdoor rock climber.  It’s within striking distance of sport, trad and bouldering, and offers anything from granite to sandstone to volcanic tuff, and everything in between.  We’ve got desert climbing for the winter, and high elevation climbing in the summer.  Best of all, we have afternoon destinations (Malibu Creek State Park) to long weekend destinations (Yosemite).  Last weekend, I only had one day to climb.  When I heard that my friend, Christina, was available, I knew we had to go to Joshua Tree.

Christina shows Jeff the ropes in Joshua Tree

I know that Joshua Tree is a favorite destination for a lot of my friends, but I just haven’t gotten into the bouldering there.  It’s one of those places that I go for the scenery, but not necessarily to send my hardest projects.  But I think Christina may have changed my mind on that one.  She was an excellent tour guide.

First she took us to some typical V0 Joshua tree warm ups – scary, until you start using your feet!  Then she introduced us to the fine climbing at the Sandy Wash Corridor.  Despite the wind tunnel aerodynamics of this otherwise pleasant and flat bottomed corridor, figuring out the moves on All Washed Up (V6/V7 ****) was the favorite part of my afternoon.  I will definitely be back to send that project.

Teamwork Necessary

Finally, we ended the day at the Meadows Boulder, a beautiful loaf of rock that sprouts magically out of the desert scrub.

Something for everyone: Jeff sends Meadows Direct (V7-***)

  2 Responses to “Rediscovering Joshua Tree”

  1. Awesome! I won't miss it next time :)

  2. Love the blog! Can't wait to show you some more of J tree's finest.

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