Oct 292009

Unlike when I lived on the east coast and in the midwest, the end of October marks the beginning of prime climbing season.  During summer, I seem to lose my motivation for big climbing trips, especially in the face of invitations to barbeques and the prospect of those perfect Venice Beach weekends.  Around this time of year though, I start gearing up for ambitious weekend climbing trips.

Beatrice on Carrot Top (V3), The Happy Boulders

It’s during this in-between fall weather when climbers in L.A. get to enjoy the best of both worlds – cool weather for one last trip to summer spots like Pine Mountain and Tramway, and those first, exciting return trips to cold weather locales like Bishop and Joshua Tree.

This weekend a small group of us headed up to Bishop on our first bouldering pilgrimage of the season.

The Happy People

After the requisite Schat’s sandwiches, and a buttermilker bar tucked into our crashpad, we headed to the Happy Boulders.

The next day, we tried our luck (and our tender fingers) at the Buttermilks.

Josh gets his morning cup of coffee on the Sunshine Boulder, the Buttermilks

The amazing thing about climbing weekends is that they always leave me feeling so refreshed and energized.  It’s like I’ve wiped the slate clean of all those annoyances and worries of last week, so that I’m ready to face another Monday morning.

Good morning: Sunshine Boulder, the Buttermilks

Happiness is . . . a drumstick from Schat’s

Wiped Out: Jabba catches some shuteye after a hard day’s work

Leaving the Happy Boulders at dusk

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