Mar 122009

Every year, I look forward to the world tour of the Banff Mountain Film Festival. The tour features the best movies from the festival in Banff. Topics range from impossible feats of rock and ice climbing, radical kayaking descents of unexplored rivers, quixotic quests, larger than life mountain men and women, and my favorite–surprising cultural insights about living with and within the mountains. This festival always inspires me to go out and do something. The movies on mountain culture are also thought provoking pieces that I remember long after the festival has ended. For instance, two of my favorite films were the story of the lives of villagers who mined sulfur from an icy volcano (it put my idea of “adequate gear” into perspective) and a magical story about a Chinese man who fishes with cormorants (called “He dances for his cormorants”).

This weekend (March 14 and 15), the world tour visits Los Angeles, in Santa Monica. Buy your tickets at Adventure 16 or at the door. The world tour swings by Bishop, CA on March 27 and 28.

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