Feb 222009

Los Angeles is turning green again. Despite the recent spate of rains however, California is suffering under a severe drought. (For more details, check out this NY Times article.) Even worse, according to a 2008 National Geographic Magazine article, the 20th century was actually the wettest century of the past millennium for the western United States. This means that “normal” conditions are actually much drier than those we’re used to. Tree rings show that medieval “mega-droughts” lasted up to 200 years at a stretch. And the effects of climate change will likely exacerbate dry conditions in the future. According the the article, Joshua trees may not survive in Joshua Tree National Park; Sequoias may not survive in Sequoia National Park…

On that note, I’m going to enjoy our rainy days in L.A. These are some pictures after a recent rain at Malibu Creek State Park.

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