Feb 222009

One of my favorite movies of all time was The Goonies – where Chunk and the gang look for pirate treasure to the tune of Cyndi Lauper. This past Thanksgiving, we went on a pilgrimage to Astoria, Oregon, to revisit our favorite scenes from the movie. We also stuffed ourselves silly, hiked the Columbia River Gorge, and discovered the delights of Portland, a town with a mushroom-filled farmer’s market AND three climbing gyms.

Some of the highlights…

Thanksgiving stuffing

The mist twisting up the Columbia River Gorge

The Portland Farmer’s market: black trumpet mushrooms, homemade biscuits with huckleberry jam, poppyseed bagel with cream cheese and sauteed squash (who would have thought?), and fresh roasted hazelnuts

Oregon rain = Oregon moss

Finding the Goonie’s house in Astoria… and it looks exactly the same!

The Columbia River Maritime Museum

Cannon Beach – so called because a cannon from a shipwreck was found on that beach

Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach: where the land disappeared into the sea

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